I have just been awarded a bottle of Merlot (woo, etc.) as recognition for the excellent keynote presentations I gave this week regarding Goal-Post, which have generated a lot of interest in my work. It’s even gotten the attention of the University’s great and the good, including several Vice-Chancellors and Deans - and the project client is arranging a demonstration to them.
It’s looking likely to secure extra funding to take the practices it embodies across the University (as opposed to the various practices they may already have), and there is a real possibility for marketing Goal-Post commercially, as it realises a high-level (read: important) activity required of all Higher Education institutions in the UK.

All on the strength of my keynotes and the pride I take in my work.

  1. hey,

    Goal-post looks interesting. I’m a pompey resident, and lecturer at the University of Surrey. We don’t do anything as cool as that, though we’ve been doing paper based PDP for a while.

  2. Thanks! A lot of institutions are choosing/are forced to use PDP or a similar method – an online tool as opposed to endless paper chases seems to be somewhat ahead of the game.

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    Out of interest… how did you find my post? gets out webmaster clipboard

  3. I sometimes read portsmouth_uk’s flist, which is how I found your post.

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