Walking home. Seem to be in a better mood.
“Just to let you know that I’m handing books in at the library, so I’ll be a bit late.”
“How late?”
“I don’t know, as I’ve just stopped in front of a advert titled ‘We Are Scientists’. They are some sort of pop group and their advert has them holding cute cats in front of their faces.”

It’s true. Didn’t realise the cat-scientist connection till I got home though, and am no longer impressed by their cunning memetic dexterity.

Now, this is a lookalike Paul Daniels, from a celebrity lookalike agency.

Link here. As someone else put it, “I looked at that and wasn’t scared for at least three seconds. Now I can still see it when I shut my eyes.” Who would have thought that anyone could be creepier than the real Paul Daniels?

  1. Have you seen the other ones – they have chantelle from BB as paris hilton.


  2. Yes – VERY dodgy.

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