John Field MSc BSc (Hons)

Website: http://vodex.net

Google: https://www.google.com/profiles/john.field

LinkedIn: http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/john-field/1/605/370

Preferred Location: London Travelzones 1-4 (1-2 preferred); living in Finsbury Park, Zone 2

Nationality: British

An experienced PHP engineer seeking new challenges. Skillsets include full cycle development, object-oriented development, agile processes, analysis, architecture, detailed design, implementation, QA, deployment, maintanence, knowledge transfer, and so forth, using open technologies including LAMP and agile processes including Scrum.

My current position is as senior developer with an electronic publishing house, playing a central role in the development & maturation of a multi-product video/audio/reference publishing & reference platform with a global customer base.

Experienced at working both independently, and as part of a proactive development team, I’m analytical, disciplined & passionate about my work. I consider myself a lifelong learner and my chosen profession as my life’s work, not just ‘a career’. I’m seeking opportunities in the central London area for architect, technical, & project lead roles, preferably using open technologies.

Core Skills

* PHP (5 years)

* SQL (MySQL, SQLite, SQLServer, Oracle, Access) (5 years)

* HTML/XHTML/CSS/DOM (10+ years)

* LAMP stack development (5 years)

* Eclipse (3 years)

* Apache (4 years)

* Xapian search engine (3 years)

* Agile development processes, including Scrum & Kanban (Lean)

* Ubuntu Linux, both as a development platform, deployment technology, and for personal use (2 years)

* Object Oriented Development (10 years)

* Data modelling & database design (10 years)

* Systems architecture

* Subversion revision control

* Web technologies & request cycles

* Management of entire development lifecycle for multiple products

* Master’s degree in Internet Systems Development

Accessory Skills

* Coaching & mentoring skills, inc. knowledge transfer

* Communication & mentoring skills, often with virtual teams & non-technical audiences

* Zend Framework

* Information architecture

* Mass data import, & metadata editing systems

* Javascript libraries: script.aculo.us, Prototype

* Interaction design and user experience (UX)

* Standards & Accessibility

* Ubuntu server configuration & maintenance




* Launchpad/Quickly/GTK/CouchDB (Ubuntu development), HTML5/Canvas, Get Things Done, design patterns, test driven development (TDD), management of open software development, Paint Shop Pro, C, C++, C#, Java, ASP 3 (Classic), Visual Basic 6, Pascal, UML, Dreamweaver, Flash, Python (Django), Wordpress, PEAR, other PHP frameworks (Propel, Cake, Code Igniter), Facebook Platform, Windows 3.1 to XP, Ruby on Rails, debugging & optimisation tools (xDebug & CacheGrind), scientific/analytical thinking & training

Experience History

Senior Developer, Alexander Street Press (June 2006 – present)

All-digital publisher based in Washington DC of approx 80 employees. Played critical role role in LAMP development team for design, development, QA, deployment & maintenance of a bespoke publishing platform called MUCO for nearly 20 text, print reference, graphical, audio, and video web collections covering numerous humanities and social science disciplines for hundreds of libraries and universities worldwide


* Specification/feature breakdown, research & development; integration; deployment; work allocation & prioritisation; large-scale data-import & manipulation

* Involvement in complete life cycle of multiple products, including code/content enhancement; including short-term development task, medium-term product releases, and long-term development projects such as platform enhancements

* Collaboration with Chief Technology Officer/CTO, Head of Development, global & local development teams, non-technical staff, QA staff, UI designers, and others in a virtual office; requiring high verbal and written communication skills

* Large degree of initiative, self-motivation, and self-organisation for both independent and team-based work

* Knowledge transfer/mentoring with other developers of components and architecture

* System, server, and database administration & support


* Vital involvement in majority of feature set for nearly 20 seperate products, often as sole/lead feature developer: custom search engine on top of Xapian, content browsing with numerous views/visualizations, complex metadata display, PDF/image viewer, audio player, Flash video player, authentication, territorial controls, extensive per-product configuration, playlists, limited subset of public content, subtitle& transcript display, search, and navigation, dynamic product combining/cross-search

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