The Eastsenders thread on Guardian Talk has been doing a very good job of pointing out how bad it is and now most people don’t watch it. The recent Zoe storyline has been the straw that broke the back though, and about 25 of us have complained to the BBC over its long-running portrayal of abortion.

Apparently if they get over 6 on the same subject they are required to act and make it an offical inquiry into the BBC’s conduct etc.

Here is my complaint:

Eastenders has been portraying abortion in a biased, hysterical, and uninformative manner for some time. However, Tuesday’s episode had one character call another character a murderer for terminating her child, such offensive and unrealistic portrayal of modern attitudes forcing my hand to complain. Eastenders consistently ignores medical facts, the attitudes of women in today’s society, and how millions of women have abortions without any side effects or social stigma. It also unrealistically portrays women with unwanted children in an extremely Pollyanna manner, glossing over the extreme hardships of unwanted children with a “it’ll be alright when they’re born” attitude – which many, many single mothers say is by no means a certainty. Many women find themselves with unwanted pregnancies in Britain, and the BBC is behaving extremely irresponsibly towards this subject. How many women’s lives are being ruined, and how many unwanted, unloved children have been born due to the actions of an influential public broadcaster producing a major plotline in its flagship drama?

And it’s not my first BBC complaint, mind, though that one went straight into a black hole: http://www.livejournal.com/users/vodex/15494.html

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