Quite a bit of stuff has happened since last update.

Lounge floor is now laminate instead of carpet. It looks so much nicer and more spacious, can’t really capture it in a picture.

Goal-Post is chugging along good – some minor quibbles but they’re related to “sort this page’s data this way please”, “what does ‘Cancelled’ mean next to an appointment?” and entering configuration data about who’s a personal tutor to which student, etc. In its third week of launching and everything that I have jurisdiction over is going well.

Was off with a nasty migraine for two days and most of Saturday – I suspect my three-year-old glasses may be at fault. So even though we can’t afford it, I’m not paying £15/month for contact lenses, and eking out the trial pair (from March) till they get delivered. Couldn’t go to the Halloween Festival due to money, but good thing too I guess as I probably wouldn’t have been able to go anyway.

On Sunday, my father came down, along with his new girlfriend. My mum died just over four years ago, and whilst I knew he’d find someone else, suffice to say it is quite strange. She’s called Sue and even largely looks like my mum. We tried to go up the Spinnaker Tower but Portsmouth was surprisingly busy with the Trafalgar celebrations – usually the city is not impressed with various events. So we ended going up Portsdown Hill and getting the view for free, then off to lunch in the newly-reopened Harvester.

It was strange indeed. She seems nice, fair enough, but I found myself stopping myself calling her by my mum’s name. Not ‘mum’, but my mum’s actual name. Something subliminal going on there I think.

  1. how does the cat like the laminate? too slippery?

  2. They skid about like clowns on ice, especially when you add a pigeon feather – and they’ve started walking with claws instinctively out slightly, leading to a faint clitter-clatter…

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