Already after a couple of days of relative rest, I feel considerably better – although I still went and bought these exotic-looking fruits in Asda. Next to the kumquats and lychees; the size of plums; yet dusty-orange and with hard skin. The tantalising label read simply ‘Stone Fruit’. What would they be like??? Got home and – “you idiot, those are apricots!”

Discovered that vodex.net’s web counters hadn’t been working since December – bbclone doesn’t work if you put the include in a function, whch running a CMS which I of course do, and it errors silently by default… Fixed now, but it now records every 404. Ho hum.

  1. Hey, no, i bought some weird fruit too. It’s like your description but definitely not apricots. More like mangos if anything, but not. Help. Do i eat the skin?

  2. I don’t know, but I ate the skin of mine. It tasted like a nearly-ripe apricot…

    As a rule of thumb, if you can peel the skin off, don’t eat it. Works for me.

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