Good Lord! The BBC are opening up access to their entire back catalogue, nearly a million TV and radio programmes.

“In the early part of next year, you can look forward to a public beta with extensive programme details and broadcast histories. There are “On This Day” schedules that go back to 1933. It’s got full contributor histories, and Really Good Search. I can’t begin to describe the depth of this dataset – it had an entry for the one time in the 1990s when my dad was on local TV news as a spokesman for Oxfordshire County Council. The cataloguers have worked hard on this stuff for years, and it deserves a wide audience.”

Look! Look at this! Searching for John Peel; John Peel’s contributor page

This is incredible. And for the tech bit: “plenty of web 2.0 goodness: Ajax, feeds for everything, tags, full read-only REST API including FOAF for all contributors, and it’s all run with Ruby on Rails.”

Looks like Ruby just hit the mainstream, right there. Outstanding stuff. The capacity of “BBC Online” never ceases to astound in either depth or diversity – it’s not an exaggeration to say it’s an exemplar of the potential of web systems (and public-funded bodies, too).

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