Bedroom Ceiling

Today workmen are coming to re-do our bedroom ceiling due to the heavy rains causing a leaking roof, and hopefully re-wallpaper and re-do the lights/curtain track. Been shoving bedroom stuff each night after work this week as well as the shopping/household stuff. So tired.

Yesterday, Clare found herself going to Homebase, which she shouldn’t be doing, to get some last minute stuff for it that they need. But she fell over outside the entrance, and no-one helped her – she had to crawl to a bollard on her hands and knees and pull herself up. Her leg is scratched and grazed so f*** knows where that will lead to re-infection etc, and so I’m taking time off work this morning to go get the stuff from Wilkinson’s (yay Wilkos!) and hope I get back in time for the blokes to put them up rather than leave instead. Not happy at all.

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