Bedroom II

Today the workmen are finally finishing the bedroom, which if you recall was caused via heavy rains.

It’s taken them 12 days to re-artex the ceiling and put five rolls of wallpaper up. It appears that insurance through Lloyds is subcontracted through Norwich Union, who subcontract Mowlem to do the work, who in turn subcontract whichever paint-splattered cowboys they stub a suited thumb onto in the Yellow Pages.

They estimated one day. After four days, they went home, and after a couple of hours it became apparent they weren’t coming back. Here’s what we complained about:

  • Large tears in the wallpaper
  • Wallpaper not covering all the walls – bits of old wallpaper still showing through
  • Curtain rail not attached – with the screwholes papered over
  • Holes in the ceiling around the light (not properly artexed)
  • The bloke who did the wallpaper used our phone to make a personal phone call, and had a huge argument – upon leaving, he kicked the outside of our house
  • Our bedroom door got kicked in
  • Our wardrobe was broken
  • The radiator wasn’t put back
  • They smoked in the house and then denied it
  • Paint and oil(!) all over the carpet
  • The electric socket wasn’t put back into the wall, and live wires were left open
  • They’d locked the bedroom window, and lost the key

Remember, they had officially finished.

They got another workmen team in (which has taken over a week to get round to fixing it all), but I’m still changing insurance companies. I’m appalled.

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