It starts off like most of the others, and then…

Hard Knox for yacht adventurer

At 67 years old, Sir Robert Knox-Johnston is the oldest participant in a solo around-the-world yacht race (Metro, Mon). Well, whoopee! So what? If and when he returns, there will be headlines such as ‘Geriatric sailor braces killer storm and survives’ or ‘Knox-Johnston repairs 6ft hole in hull with only chewing gum and biscuits’ or ‘Gang of killer whales wearing hoodies surround yacht and demand fish oil supplements’.

Once again, some Hooray Henry with more money than sense embarks on a near-death gallivant and we are expected to be in awe of their naivety, which is thinly disguised as adventurism.

If this 67-year-old pillock wants to do something truly adventurous, why doesn’t he stay on land for five minutes and do something in his local community?

Terry Goldsmith, London SE5

  1. Nice. Like it. Am also stunned that Metro printed it.

  2. Age does not mean intelligence *grin* :


    Silly old fool broke his boat :D

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