Update on Clare. She now has a Viscopaste PB7 Zinc bandage, which has helped with healing incredibly. Had two nurses round to check blood pressure/circulation around her leg, with a nifty ultrasound gadget that put her heartbeat on speakerphone. Leg now resembles corned beef, but instead of congealed lard around it, we have dead skin to be slowly washed off. Leg’s hardly leaking anymore, and is now under a compression bandage.

I’ve also given the cellulitis pictures a permanent home at vodex.net.

  1. Bloody hell. I’m incensed at the captions, too–was this the NHS? It seems like playing cards is a common pursuit for NHS nurses.

  2. Yes, the NHS. Apparently he G2M ward is infamous for low standards, in a hospital (Queen Alexandria, Portsmouth) with a reputation for low standards (doctors are reluctant to send people in…)

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