Clare has returned from hospital today. Left with a ‘dressing’ consisting of 3 hanky-sized bits of gauze & padding held in by stocking net Leaking . Went off to doctor’s for the post-hospital treatment, nurse said it was one of the worst things she’d seen and she shouldn’t have been discharged, and where’s all the stuff they should have given you? (Showed the pictures to people at work, they, er, weren’t expecting it to be so bad…) Restored my faith in the NHS by giving us loads of (probably expensive over-the-counter) stuff to put on, and a superb solid dressing covered in thick gauze, super padding, fastened tight. Much better than anything in Queen Alexandria.

Took the day off work so we could get things sorted – a visiting nurse is coming round each day now to see her as I am at work. Doctor will make house call on Friday to assess the situation. It’s great we’re getting house calls instead of ‘can she get a taxi’ which is what we were expecting. She will probably be recuperating for maybe two months, but most of this will be rest (literally feet up) as opposed to me looking after her 24/7. Hoping she can get some work from home.

Given things, we’re in a surprisingly good mood – the day was cool and clear, that sort of thing that brings back snatches of memories of similar days years ago. She broke down when she got in, she was so happy to be home in the quiet with her own bed etc. Watched some Stargate Atlantis together- I’m calling it now, it’s going to exceed SG:1 – yes, all of it.

And McKay is the new Data!

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