Clare is slowly making progress. She now has a dressing made of some PB7 zinc wet bandage that doesn’t hurt as much as she expected. Still in a lot of pain and has trouble standing or walking, continually groggy and light-headed from all the medication she’s on, and won’t be fit for much for the next month or so. I’m still having to do al the cooking, shopping, cleaning, etc. She still doesn’t have a job, of course, though it’s probably good that she didn’t get one before this happened or she’d probably have been sacked

She gets home visits from nurses, which is variable – the dressing on Wednesday was so painful I had to take it of and re-make one myself, which took about 40 minutes with lots of tears & a bit of blood, as her skin is like purple-black raw steak. The nurses that came round yesterday are going to put in a compliant, as the emergency phoneline I called to see if I could take the dressing off should have come round and replaced it – but instead they told me to take it off and wrap it in a bath towel. Which would have re-infected it again, of course. I’m trying to do whatever the medicos tell me to do but I instinctively ignored that one, which was nice.

I have a week off work from this afternoon, and am not going anywhere apart from Nodland & looking after Clare at home. I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired, even in some of my past jobs.

In unrelated news, my new domain vodex.net is under development, and it’s a good opportunity to re-organise its folder structure (stop yawning!) to a flat system, which in turn means I get to re-write my rather crufty menu-generating code. I’ve had a look around and nothing seems to fit my requirements – putting arbitrary URLs into an arbitrary level structure, with the menu ‘folder’ being expanded if you’re on the current page. (This happened last time, which is why I wrote my menu before). PEAR may do it, but not all web hosts support PEAR. In fact, it’s surprising just how poor many of the scripts existing actually are. Again, the promise of code re-use starts to fall a bit flat the moment you go off the traditional path.

BTW, train of thought this morning on way to work – did I ever say that I got in the paper for seeing a UFO?

UFO article

(Search engines! This is an article from The Portsmouth News, 28 April 2004, describing a UFO sighting by John Field of Newcomen Road, Stamshaw.)

What the article doesn’t say is how hard I found it to get hold of anyone the local paper, TV station, local airports, or even the non-emergency police line on a Sunday afternoon. What if it’s been important? Oh, and it was definitely a pencil shape, not a triangle. Like a bizarrely-shaped air balloon with no basket.

  1. You know, I know it’s not the same thing, but when I broke my leg and the hopsital gave my 3rd degree burns with the iodine, they basically were total crap about it. I had to have my dressings changed, and some nurses were really gentle, others might as well have cleaned it with a scrubbing brush! One evening my mum came in and my dressings were soaked cos one of the blisters had burst, and she asked for someone to look at it, and their response, “well, she has had them changed once already today”. My mum’s reaction to that was to take off the dressing herself go outside waving at the nurses’ desk, saying “where can I put this?” My district nurses at home were nicer, but still basically only changed the dressing. The hospital didn’t tell my GP why I needed all this stuff done, so I had to get myself to the docs’ only to be told it was infected, and had to go onto major monging antibiotics.
    It was only on a fracture clinic visit, did the consultant see these wounds and send me straight off that day to have skin grafts done!!
    This was when I was 19, so 12 years ago. You’d think the general level of care would have improved, wouldn’t you?
    So basically, I am saying in a really longwinded way, I hope things get better for you and Clare, and I fully appreciate the crappiness of the NHS in dealing with situations like this!!!

  2. And throughout all this, they insist on handing functions over to private companies… who just replicate the same processes with 10% of wages/equipment skimmed off for profit.

    The NHS should go on strike, but the papers’d rip them to shreds.

    Thanks for the wellwishes!

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