CSI:London, the genesis of a fanfic/”writer’s bible”.

I have been fiddling with this idea on and off, and am getting stuck with it, so I’ll throw it to the floor (note: it’s open source, contributions welcome) and ask for feedback.

  1. love it love it love it love it love it!

    At work so am having to skim read, but will read more tonight. So far though, am hooked.

  2. I shall bring this to the attention of a friend who writes CSI fanfic.

    I note that you currently have no limits on length, but I think some standard structure (3 act + teaser?) may help.

    However I am tempted to volunteer to write one of your suggested episodes:
    The Oyster That Got Away
    A open-and-shut case is hampered by the timings of various suspects using their Oyster card.

    And here’s an episode suggestion of my own:
    A lad on work experience solves a difficult case by examining edit histories of Wikipedia entries.

  3. Oh my gosh! This is so perfect! I want to write more creative writing, but I end up just writing CSI fanfic, so why not this? Brilliant!

    I’ve become such a huge CSI fan since I watched my first epsiode at Casp and Marcus’s house… and I’ve even had discussions with fellow fans about the possibilities of a London series.

    So yeah, a great idea I think.

    More constructive feedback? Your character outlines are good but perhaps some more solid info on what everyone’s job is would be useful. I like the episode ideas too (the Roman one sounds like it could actually happen in St Albans, where I’m from!) although you seem to have quite specific plotlines in mind for some of them!

    So yeah, I’m interested, especially if it ends up being a fanfic collaboration.

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