Mer. So tired. But first…

On the tube back last night, found a while bunch of childishly scrawled & photocopied leaflets, the sort that children make in primary school from old newspapers. At first, I ignored them, but wait, LONDON means they probably have some esoteric meaning. And sure enough, there were leaflets about David Icke! Awesome!

I have visions of someone furtive going around dropping these on trains for people to find. Or perhaps they’re a bit mucked up and left them there by mistake. Who knows?

  1. Underneath Icke’s silly purple jumpsuits and mumbo-jumbo about shapeshifting lizards, lies (and lies and lies..) a very nasty and ill-informed anti-semite.

  2. I must say I quite like the punk rock approach to his publicity leaflets. Some of what the guy has to say may well be worth paying attention to, but it’s all rather obscured by his tendency to see everything as one giant conspiracy. He does rather give the impression that the aliens have occupied his brain! If the powers-that-be considered him to be a real threat, I suspect they’d have done more to shut him up than just sack him from World of Sport!

  3. Or was it Grandstand? Sport really isn’t my thing.

  4. Interesting method, can I kill him now or later? hes clearly going to hinder my world takeover plans >.<

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