Am very tired. Not been sleeping well I think – could be the food (am on Atkins again) but don’t think so as diet not changed. Had contact lens fitting today, but first attempt not as good as my three-year old prescription still is – got a new sight test done and my eyes have changed a lot in the last few months. Fascinatingly, my eyes have physically changed shape, but this is a process that ends by the time you’re about 30. Genetic apparently, but there are many complex factors that cover its activation. Even more fascinatingly, the brain is more important to vision – making lenses that actually fixed the physical eye would be rejected by the brain and so have to be gradually brought in over time with successive prescriptions – most of the test is psychological in nature to see how the brain perceives the eye’s signal – remember the only knowledge of the physical world is the signal it gets, our perception is based only about 20% on the ocular signal, the other 80% on processing strategies built up over life. Well it fascinated me!

Then took more flexitime off to go for a drink (water only for me) to go for a drink with a mate from my course, who’s working on the Isle of Wight. As well as the usual comparing the work environment, chatting about people on the course etc, we also talked about the psychological effect just being 3 miles away over water has on people – how Isle of Wighters are so insular. And made me realise how lucky/suited I am to work at a Uni, whinging/pay aside, compared to how it can get ‘outside’. Strange how you can feel tipsy in a pub just from drinking water…

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