What’s the name of that bloke on telly who says stuff like “Today, I am mostly…”? Think it’s in comedy.

Anyway, Today, I Am Mostly Using these extensions on my home Firefox, now putting them on at work  as They Seem To Be Useful.

Aging Tabs

Makes unused tabs fade with age and highlights the selected tab.

Google Tag CloudMaker

Generates tagcloud from Google search results. Uses GreaseMonkey.

Google has put skins on Google Homepage. My workflow is more “50 tabs open for days at a time” so I don’t find self using it, but it’s still good. Do like how widgets are increasingly interoperable between the web, your desktop, etc. (Err… this isn’t really Firefox. Oh well.)

I’ve also been using Firebug for development, but it makes me a bit killy as editing CSS is very fiddly, stuff often doesn’t seem to take, and it’s prone to wiping Firefox out on a whim. Finding self still using  Web Developer .

  1. It’s “Jesse” from The Fast Show.

  2. jEdit for development, Firebug and Web Developer together for debugging and prodding shit, DOM Inspector and JavaScript Debugger for the times Firebug just isn’t quite enough, HTML Validator and lori for making sure it’s right.

    My Firefox looks like somebody painted it with little notification symbols…

  3. This week I have mostly been eating……….acorns.

  4. Ooooh, i’ve just installed that Aging Tabs extension and i’m liking it already! :)

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