For our new flat, our employers have been asked to give a reference.

Here’s mine. Paul likes to brighten up people’s days, so instead of a boring form letter:


I’ve received a letter from you this morning regarding our employment of John Field.

John Field has held the position of Senior Developer with us for nearly a year, and has been an exemplary employee – I am sure his excellence in the workplace would surely be reflected in his suitability as a tenant, indeed, I doubt you will find a more reliable, respectable and trustworthy person!

When he is not healing the sick and turning water into wine, he creates software of such beauty it makes grown men weep. It is my intention to see that he is employed by Alexander Street Press for as long as possible.

Hope that answers your questions.

Kind regards,

Paul Dixon
Alexander Street Press

  1. healing the sick and turning water into wine

    For. The. Win. :D

  2. Genius XD \o/

  3. Wow! that’s a boss and a half? Is he really as fab as he sounds?!

  4. Classic. It’s so serious until that paragraph! Love it, love it, love it!

  5. I just LOLed!

    Are you going to hand it in like that or edit it to be more seroius?

  6. Legendary! I may steal some of those phrases for when I want to flirt with people via myspace comments or similar…

  7. He emailed it straight to them…!

  8. *sniggers*

    Very for the win. :D

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