Am back from another productive event at TheSocialService.com . There was one idiot there (isn’t there all?) who was rather drunk. The sort who ends up standing in the middle of a group just looking at him.

Me: So, what do you do for a living?

Him: (drunken) Well, I touch myself.

Me: (trying to be all Bill Hicks-y & not to miss a beat) …OK. Does it pay well?

Him: Not really. But it has its ups and downs.

Me: *kertish!*

Crowd: ROOFLE!

Him: whu? what’s so funny?

Oh, why is there always one, eh? Apparently he’s a self-employed… entrepreneurial…  something. Which I understand from the others was his code for “on the dole”.

  1. Apparently he’s a self-employed.. something. Which I understand is code for “on the dole”.

    ::eyes vodex suspiciously::

    Your not a tory are you ;)

  2. Oh, quite the opposite. I seem to remember blaming Thatcher for chavs last night, for example.

    No, I get annoyed when various shifty, sociopathic, and unreliable types call themselves ‘entrepreneurs’ and so on, thinking this somehow makes them legit. People who flog bent videos down the market and say they’ve carved out a niche in media distribution, that sort of thing.

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