My endless quest to organise the information flowing into my life continues; in this case, switching to Google Reader.

My pattern in getting info from websites has been basically:

* Visit them all manually, and usually forget.

* Repeat until RSS was invented & enough sites carried it (or equivalent) to make it worth switching.

* Use Thunderbird as an RSS reader, as it was the best of many.

* Not have time to read the feeds and fall behind.

* Use Livejournal as an RSS aggregator, to force me to read them.

* Realise that I’ve added so many feeds, I never keep on top of LJ and often don’t even bother, Thus Missing Out, which is even worse.

* Create LJ friends filters to screen out the heavy ones.

* Realise that doesn’t work, and I’m still missing out.

* Move to Google Reader, which not only combines items into one stream as well as show them per feed, but also shows them as details like LJ (no click-read-close), but also marks them as read as you look at them, no intervention needed. A-ha, how will this fare…

Like so many others, I now seem to be using Google for pretty much everything. Except Reader doesn’t allow authentication of feeds, so my spanky friends feed doesn’t work. Still use Thunderbird for that one…

  1. I don’t think I could cope with LJ as an aggregator for my non-friends feeds because a lot of them I scan quickly to pick out the one thing in five that I want to read, whereas I read everything my friends on LJ write :-) I’ve just cut back from reading about 200 feed to about 100 though which I hope will help a bit.

  2. It worked for a while – but the sheer volume of spam (Digg Technology, stand forward) meant I started missing stuff going on in people’s lives.

    Ironically, turning my flist into a feed helps me keep on top a bit more…

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