Very well, let me take the step & publish my first actual blog post that isn’t imported from the old site or Livejournal.

I’m writing this around 8am the day the clocks changed in the UK, with its distinctive “mini jet-lag” feeling as the light & my body clock shift slightly. Seemed like a good time to do it.

As per my last post, Livejournal seems in increasing decline; I checked there yesterday to see what my friend list looks like these days and, well, as the saying goes, things fade away. Virtually everyone is using Facebook, Twitter, or both. On one level, it’s a shame, as they had the potential to be as successful as Facebook[1. Link destination irony alert!]; but on the other hand LJ seems to be reverting back to its fanfic roots, so “to your nature be true” I guess.

So, I’ve decided the theme of this rebooted Hello, World post is self-organisation. A quick summary of some ways I’ve been slowly organising my life over the past few months:

  • Converting this site to use Wordpress rather than a bunch of custom CMS scripts. This is an ongoing behind-the-scenes process: yesterday converted the Fortean Times Icons page to use NextGen Gallery rather than my own, unmaintained, Thumbmaker script.
  • Importing/backing up Livejournal to here. Wordpress has matured so much, it’s a compelling choice; especially if Livejournal ever do go to the great 404 page in the sky as is constantly rumoured. I’m not sure how to handle redirects at this point, or if Wordpress will ever support friend-list style privacy (though out here in the Open Web, I appreciate it’d be missing the point a bit).
  • Remember The Milk – to call it just a “to-do application” would be an injustice. Do yourself a favour and check it out. (Hmm, the mere act of writing a blog post has a “talking to the world” feel, which a Livejournal, Facebook, or Twitter post doesn’t even if they are public. Psychological shift detected…)
  • Personal Kanban. Try Kanban 101 for an introduction. Using AgileZen at the moment, both personally and at work, with little traction sadly as there data import/export. Current plan is as soon as a decent Kanban tool can import/export, end up using Remember The Milk as a data backend.
  • Dieted via the appallingly-branded Celebrity Slim & lost around another 20 pounds since October.

There we go. I’ve also helped launch a site for my friend Sabina, cleverly titled sabinalucia.com/, and sort of promised myself to write/blog more often, as recommended by numerous “personal improvement” sites. A statistic about how 99% of Internet content is produced by less than 1% of its population comes to mind, but I really can’t be bothered to look it up (8am Sunday morning, remember?) and this is already a surprisingly long grab-bag post already. So let’s leave it there & see how things pan out…

  1. Hey Thanks for this and the comments on the 101.

    Right now, Personal Kanban is still less than a year old. So, I totally agree with you that Zen’s read-only API isn’t robust enough to provide elegant mashups with other data sources. But I am pretty amazed that Zen and tools like it exist at all.

    I know that Zen and the other tools are working on their APIs, so we can watch to see how import / export evolves.

    I am thrilled that you are using RTM as a backend and want to hear more about how that works for you.

    Looking forward to more.

    Personal Kanban

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