Hey! we’re looking for a few good men.. well one good man.

My company is hiring, looking for a Senior Software Developer, between 30k-40k, described at http://snipurl.com/php_dev_wanted . We’re advertising on Monster, development groups, etc., but if you know anyone suitable, well, just pass this post on…

  1. Hi, that URL doesn’t work for me–can you retry it or post the ad here?

    Thanks :)

  2. Connection refused by server :P

  3. Does it specifically have to be a man?

  4. No – but to be ‘a few good men’ she might have to be an astronaut. Hmm, maybe we don’t really want astronauts, they can get Teh Space Madness.

  5. Thank you! You can delete that if you don’t like what it’s done to this page. Now that I think about it, work must have monster.co.uk blocked.

    My b/f lives in Knebworth and ocasionally mutters about a new job, but he’s not quite qualified for that one yet. Give him a year ;) ahhh, youngsters.

  6. No, no I don’t (and I’d know, I run the proxy that returned the error :P )

    Very shiny. Shame about the degree requirement. And the distance!

  7. Get him to send it in anyway – talent, professionalism and attitude usually win out over X years doing Y in this field – it’s worth a shot!

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