Earlier this month I went for ten days holiday to southern Germany (mostly the Black Forest) & Switzerland.

People asked me to take lots of photos to live vicariously through them; I’ve now uploaded them to Flickr. Yes, this is mostly an upload bung (too many photos! I’ve largely given up on the Facebook album as they got uploaded in a mixed-up order & re-organising them is a right pain); I also have videos but am checking out which service to use.

Based on what people have asked me, you may find this interesting:

  • This was the first time I’d been to continental Europe for some twenty years; previously was family holidays as a child/teenager
  • I went by myself; I also went camping, with a rucksack. It saved money & I wanted to do camping again, complete with Trangia stove.
  • A major part of this holiday was no real plan, just the freedom of doing whatever I felt like. Was planning on Austria & maybe even Slovakia; next time…
  • Despite knowing very little German, I had no problem navigating two foreign countries on my own. Admittedly, most people speak English (“the tourist’s language”, it was called), but that was people’s largest concern out of the way
  • I’ve bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10 for the trip; it does HD video & geo-tagging of photos; the location map shows this feature is usable, but not perfect (if the every-few-minutes GPS update fails due to signal strength, don’t use it to determine where you were, especially if you’ve just stepped off a train). The TZ10 also developed a spot on the sensor & is being 28-days repaired…
  • Places included; Basel (for the flight); Freiburg, The Black Forest (Schwarzwald), Feldberg, Interlaken, Berne & Zurich (as train stopovers, not impressed), Schaffhausen & the Rheinfall (much nicer) and various touristy train stops such as Schlossee lake and Lauterbrunnun. It may not surprise that I felt somewhat at home in Freiburg & Schaffhausen, but felt like aright tourist in Switzerland.
  • It was very nice & brought on a lot of personal reflection. Preferred the Black Forest to Interlaken. I’m planning on learning more German (ho ho ho, yeah like I have the time to do that!) & going again, maybe at year’s end….

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