A short time back I set up a cron-triggered  PHP script to tweet new LJ posts on twitter, noting it wasn’t the best solution. Well, it didn’t take long for a dedicated solution to come along – http://twitterfeed.com/ – and it even supports OpenID.

  1. Tweeeeeeeeet!
    Pretty neat to watch the Web2.0 community kick into gear, nae?

    Hey, here’s something for someone with plenty of time to blog: create a time-line of twitter-ish peripherals, TwitThis and suchlike.


  2. ++++

    Bro, this is really really really sweet. You know LJ well? There are bunches of communities I’d like to be more active on, but noooooooooo way I’m subscribing to email notification from all of them!

    From my days in industry I know that “granularity” is wey wey more than a philosphical concept. By being able to modulate a tweet stream … dang, that’s really sweet.

    I’m gonna create hfx_ben at twitter, put this through the mill.

    BTW: what part does OpenID play in this? That part I don’t get. The chunking, well, LJ’s RSS is already well-formed, no sweat there. But OpenID? Pour qu’oi?

  3. Re: ++++

    Not only are they not requiring you to register with them, which is good in itself, they’re not actually allowing you to, in order to use the service, you have to have an OpenID:

    This, my friend, is a Good Thing, it means sites are thinking of just letting OID do the work and trusting off site identies completely, which is part of the ideal behind OpenID.

    Still not sold on Twitter, but variety is a good thing…

  4. No joy

    Things in LJ don’t move all that fast so I created 1/2 dozen feeds for my new tweeter: hfx_ben … silence.

    I double checked, confirmed the tweet feed, blogged something to that LJ (“ScribeFire” is Performancing re-born, BTW.) and … nuffum so far.


  5. Re: ++++

    I got hfx_ben tweeting LJ updates.

    Yaa, I can see how that auth fits now. BTW, this to a tweet from mario: Use your own URL as OpenID w/o running a server.

    Which, I’d say, is paradigmatic of how Twitter and such is good. Ever work in a whatchamaccalem cubicle environemtn? Without tweets of some sort we’d go bonkers. (I got the F outta there soonest; proposed a “Integrated Logistics Support Group”, mgt bought, I got an office to share with 1 other.) Sometimes tweets are lateral and, well, relaxing. Othertimes they’re spot on, like that about OpenID just now.

    A tangled web of high-bandwidtch optical fibres, old chum … and all of them carrying some form of whale-song.


  6. For the record [was "No Joy"]

    In twitter “hfx_ben” is blithely tweeting LJ updates.

  7. Hi vodex,

    how does one feed their twitter to their lj blog?




  8. sorry to bother you.

    i figured it out … via loudtwitter!

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