Thought I’d quickly write about http://www.information-revolution.org/, the viral-marketed site seen on the tube, trains, and now the Houses of Parliament.

It’s branded as if it’s some kind of grassroots techie/politics movement similar to Indymedia or  freeourdata, but after a while you notice there’s no clear content, the comments reveal they’re a marketing company funded by other search engines, and… how much do Tube adverts cost? It seems to be some sort of anti-Google astroturf smear campaign that doesn’t even have the balls to come out and say so, preferring marketing speak like “Clearly we’ve hit on an issue that resonates with so many.”

Le sigh. There’s a lot of disappointment about.

  1. You sent me an email about it and i looked but couldn’t actually figure out who or what it was all about. I’ve seen the adverts, both on the DLR and the main line trains this morning, which basically say stuff like “Would you trust one company to store all your data?” so I guessed it was anti-google but… I’m confused about the point of it all!

  2. The point seems to be that Yaho! and Ask can’t win the search war by providing a better search engine, so they’re trying a different method.

    If anything, I’m now more likely to use Google, I hates me them astroturfing marketers I does.

  3. Argh, I did, from when I thought it was genuine. It asked for both your email, and mine, which is unusual for ‘tell someone’ forms. I hope I haven’t got us into spam.

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