Here’s a quick one that annoys me: trailer posters where everyone is unrealistically clustered together.

I know, I know, but here we go, this is what started it off:

MicMacs. This is from a couple of years ago, I have no idea what the film is about, but it’s still plastered over Tube walls due to decreased physical advertising spend. The heads are slightly distorted, as if to promote the illusion where a painting is looking at you.

But that just serves to make it obvious how unlikely it is that the major characters are just going to stand around like this. Yes, I know it’s a framing / marketing device… but it’s simultaneously unnatural, but apparently unnoticed compared to other well-known tricks; possibly due of marketing’s tendency to stick human faces on everything to appeal to people? Maybe it’s just me.

Here’s another offender rattling around in my brain for years:

“Nacho Libre”. Why is the kid pulling a face? Why is the nun… just stood there?

And lastly, there are adverts for some ITV costume drama. It took me about ten minutes to google that it is Downton Abbey, which appears to be the usual formulaic stuff (there’s a reason I’ve semi-trained myself to ignore adverts as much as possible, he said in a post all about advert posters), but the adverts, which I can’t find online, consists of a Victorian family photograph. That actually makes sense they’d all be standing there looking at you. Hurrah!… until I was googling around to track this programme down, and what do I find?


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