Clare has seen the last of the nurses – her leg is fresh scar tissue almost to the knee and is still nauseous with trouble standing, moving etc. but it’s officially the “months whilst it heals” stage now. As a benchmark of her progress, apparently she will be able to do a job if she has her leg up all day and doesn’t stress herself. In a few weeks.

I am clearing out the bedroom a bit each night as we are having the ceiling repaired on Friday after the storms a couple of weeks back. I am very scared of re-infecting Clare by her catching her leg on the edge of a dusty cardboard box etc.

There is talk of my contract being extended/re-negotiated beyond the end of my contract her at the University to do a (vastly improved) unit database. I’d really like to do it. But the wheels of academia can move slowly, and I’m taking no chances, hence I’ve updated my CV and will be informing agencies/local companies. This is something I should have done over a month ago, but of course The Cellulitis Monster happened instead.

And lastly, I stupidly had a salesman come round from Mosaic ERP, as we need work done on the front of the house. He stayed to 10pm despite Clare being in some pain, and went through his sales patter despite us making it clear he would be wasting his time if he quoted more than a grand or two. He then quoted £10,000 for chiselling out some crumbling bricks and putting Tex-Cote gel over it, and despite us saying we couldn’t afford it, refused to leave (despite us asking to) until we signed his timesheet. (A week from now I’m finally starting to accept he didn’t make us sign a contract whilst we were sleeping standing up.) I thought he was actually going to assault me by the end, and I’m not joking. Surprisingly, our own enquiries turned up that most of his claims weren’t accurate. Despite assurances about no further phone calls we’ve had three so far, about how they would knock the price down by putting adverts up and the workmen will only be standing around otherwise – the way he immediately hung up when I said “no” was interesting. And I wax lyrical about it here because web searching for Mosiac ERP shows up little results, and, well, how million people use the web for research now?

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