I’ve discovered last.fm. My [profile is at http://www.last.fm/user/Vodex/ . The ability to not only recognise, but even index, the obscure crap I listen to, and then come out with recommendations base on other people’s listening patterns, is amazing.

I mean, I know all about collaborative filtering and all, but to see something like this , and then this, is amazing. The power of the network is amazing. It sounds a bit sad, but I can’t wait until it has learnt enough about me to find people with the same music tastes & work out a personalised playlist, and all that.

EDIT: blimey, The most obscure thing I could find, and it’s not only had 2,422 plays, it suggests half-a-dozen similar tracks. Impressive.

  1. I love last.fm. On the face of it, it just seems like any other kind of collaborative filtering site, but it’s just so brilliant.

  2. Is that really the most obscure thing you could find? :p

  3. Hehe, ‘Your musical compatibility rating with Vodex is:


  4. Well, in my mp3 collection, anyway.

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