Weight creeps slowly downward.

LighterLife weight loss as of Feb 25 2007
LighterLife weight loss as of Feb 25 2007

Lost four pounds last week, despite having tins of tuna and trying not to walk about. Feel terrible. Slept most of weekend and didn’t go out, again. Is it worth it? Think it is; people can see the effect week-on-week and for first time since starting this,not just loose clothes and stuff but actually feel slimmer. If I lose six pound this week, it’d be a total of four stone in two months.

Tired though. Will arrange doctor’s appointment.

  1. Sorry to hear you’re so run down on the diet. At least you’re almost half way there. once you reach your target you can eat properly and hopefully find a good healthy balance of decent food whcih keeps you going while maintaining the lower weight.
    Haven’t seen you for a couple of weeks so looking forward to next time to see how you look! :D

  2. Cheers thanks, yeah nearly halfway there! How I look? Pretty much the same, but not really being arsed to shave…

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