I’m seriously considering packing this diet in.

I feel more and more tired and lethargic each week. Last weeekend fell asleep whilst with my father and some friends.
Have knocked the wlaking and weights on the head, but still spend most evenings this week fighting to keep eyes open, and if I go to bed before bedtime, I wake up early and just get tired earlier. Fell alseep at work Friday. Am not doing anything except for work; can’t summon energy to do much more than sit on a bus to get parts for a Freeview box.

I am the only person Lisa knows who can manage to be asleep standing up. It’s a great altered state of conciousness, like… hmm was going to use hypnogogic but that doesn’t fit. It’s like dreaming whilst awake.

Anyway, I’m getting sick of all this. It’s not the hunger, or even the food packs, it’s the lethargy.

I even had a chicken from the shop downstairs in a bid to get some energy. It didn’t work. It may well be me “getting a food fix” and justifying it, but I wasn’t hungry, I wanted some energy from the “cleanest” source possible (i.e. Atkins-style protein, not chips, chocolate, etc.). It made sense at the time. I remember thinking “I’m not being stupid in this am I? No, this is the least worst option to take a calculated risk to help with you stopping from being able to live life.”  It didn’t work and I know better now.

However I know that everyone would be disappointed in me if I packed this in. And I have to view it as a tradeoff. Two months from now, which would be better; that I’ve lost another two stone, or that I gave up and hadn’t (& probably put some back on)?

What about stopping would two months from now be more worth it than losing the weight? I don’t have an answer.

I should be getting all my nutrients from the food packs. So why am I so tired? I used to have a lot of energy at first on this. My weekly group leader/”food counsellor”doesn’t know. I suspect that as I’m losing weight quite fast, I might have a high metabolic rate for some reason, and that means that I am ‘running empty’ faster than my body can supply energy from my fat reserves. It doesn’t make much sense I know, but it’s the best explanation I have.

I’ll see how it goes tonight at the weigh-in.

  1. I think you’ve reached a point where your metabolism has overtaken your fat breakdown capacity. Because you’re used to eating less healthy foods, your body will have panicked at the healthy food and converted it to fat, which you’ve then converted back. This period, if you can get through it, will force your body to metabolise the healthy food immediately, and will boost your energy levels. It’s just a bit draining in the meantime.

    Good on you for sticking with it, we’re all silently cheering for you :)

  2. You said it yourself – you’re losing weight fast – just look how far ahead of the curve you were on that plot you posted the other day. Is there a middle way where you lose weight more slowly and aren’t quite so devoid of energy?

    It’d be a heck of a shame to stop outright.

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