OK, time for spacky Big Brother voice: ‘Day One, 15:27‘. Oh. Channel 4 doesn’t do 24 hour clocks.

First group meeting last night. As I suspected, it’s a group of four men (taxi drivers, carpenters, etc.) and found self wanting to join the women’s group for some serious conversation. Football at drop of a hat. Various dodgy innuendo (the councillor is an ex-head teacher). I am determined to make good of the counselling, even if they aren’t, though (“this is time I could be in the pub”). They have a new set of materials for men, which hadn’t come through yet, so am working with the charmingly amateurish ones from before that remind me of GNVQ assignments when I was a teacher – all random clipart and lack-of-proofreading giveaways like spaces before full stops .

Had near-ritualistic Burger King last night. Had chocolate shake this morning, and chicken for lunch. Much better than I was led to believe. Am already missing looking forward to some nice food in the evenings though. And inexplicable craving for pork scratchings since 10pm last night.

I’ve gone up 1 kg over Xmas, as displayed here.

Am already in some sort of induction flu; feels like it did on Atkins, with light headedness, headache, and problem concentrating. Metallic tongue. But should not feel like that yet, but in a day or two. Psychological?

  1. Definitely psychological. Whenever I start a diet I get light-headedness, headache and concentration problems. Even if I’ve eaten more in the day than I do normally. (I don’t do breakfast, and every diet I’ve ever been on seems to require it!)

    I’m going to be walking this year, if you fancy some. Walking that is.


  2. Oh I dunno – they’ve got worse today, so I think they were it!

    And yes, yes I would. Walking, that is. ;)

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