Have been in “management” for three days, where I start to eat food (a very limited subset at first). Have felt much, much, so much better, with more energy and much more motivation compared to how I was. Or maybe it’s the vitamin supplements helping and the Beltane weather.

There is a Management Book, but they haven’t finished the men’s one yet, so I have to go with the women’s one, which is rather patronising (lots of pictures of models on mountain tops and ‘making a plane journey’  analogies). It turns out the women’s stuff is much more thoroughly put together than the men’s stuff, which is miles butter than the stuff back when started in general. Also have officially confirmed that I’m the only man in her groups to have lasted more than a few weeks, let alone going to Management.

Not doing the counselling/mental exercises – never got to do them in the male groups and they seem similar to general CBT stuff anyway.

Day One: (Monday 30 April 2007): Smoked haddock strips. Was amazing.

Day Two: amazing levels of energy, and real funny taste in mouth like metallic sticker glue. Was out after work looking at flats with Lisa and everything, which haven’t done on months. Morale very high. Peppered Quorn Steaks, thought they were a bit bland and very spicy, but apparently they smelt delicious.

Day Three: same amazing energy levels, spring in step, the difference is impossible. Went into work an hour early, went viewing flats in evening.
Evening: have weigh-in, but by this point had run out of gas and was knackered again. Have lost 2.6 pounds since Sunday, despite putting maybe a pound of food in, that’s still my intestines somewhere. Am 16 stone 6 pounds.

Went to get food to eat, and those months of not having to plan or worry about food hit hard. Couldn’t find anything suitable, was very tired & grumpy, shops full of ch**s. Result: kebab and chips. Oh so much for lean protein, salad and balsamic vinegar. Ah well.

As you may have gathered, we’re moving. Oh the things that happen if you don’t do LJ in a few days!

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