The food cravings of last weekend have mostly passed, and feel on a much more even keel. (wonder if the second rough patch was caused by the switch from second to third food store (fat)?)

Can now have food bars which look & taste remarkably like shop-bought ones – they are ace, can only have one each day though.

Also seem to be sleeping better than in a long time, though that might be helped by new thick curtains to cut out the street light, new bedding and trying hard to make it My Room & not just a storage area where I sleep. This is the sort of ’subliminal influence of surroundings’ I generally don’t bother with, new approaches etc.

Would not be surprised if at some level this is influenced by sorting out all my junk still piled up from when I moved in. Certainly found self having ‘nostalgic’ (if that is the word, not the sort of thing to get nostalgic about) memories of first moving to London, odd how random things become set in stone in your life path. Cycles, freeze-grow-freeze-grow etc.

  1. so you’re on atkins, yes? i did that. it’s mad hard at the beginning, but then all of a sudden it’s not such a big deal anymore. and you will lose some crazy weight, esp. if you’re a dude. dudes always lose more on that diet than girls.
    have you checked into pork rinds? no carbs and fantastically scrumptious. will help replace chips. also, i got really into beef jerky, but taht woudl come later, and only as a reward, since they do have a minor amount of carbs. my mom liked almonds. just please make sure you’re having lots of veggies so your kidneys don’t go to shit.

  2. Nope, it’s not Atkins, it’s http://lighterlife.co.uk/ , which is a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Very_Low_Calorie_Diet – 600 calories a day via nutrient packs, no food for me, not even pork rinds…!

  3. oh wow. that sounds incredibly hard. good luck! i am on a diet where i only eat breakfast and drink lots of water. sometimes i have some soup for lunch. it is hard too. i let myself drink soda though, otherwise i might die. so far it’s working! it sounds like yours is working (or, at least giving you some crazy rdreams!)

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