Yayy!!! I lost TEN POUNDS last week. This is the equivalent of over a pound a day after a sluggish four pounds last week, and – not that I’m trying to ‘beat’ anything – is a new personal best.

I’m now down to (just over) 18 and-a-half stone, having lost three stone in five weeks. Phwoarr, eh?

I am starting to feel exhausted after my brisk hour’s walk each day, and am getting a bit sick of the shakes, but fucking hell it’s worth it.

Link to my profile at fridgegraph.com

Weight loss as of 11 Feb 2007
Weight loss as of 11 Feb 2007

  1. Steady on matey! You’ll disappear altogether by the summer at this rate!

    Impressive stuff – good job there.

  2. Hello …

    I’d say “slow down a bit” :) You’re well on course! Relax a little. He said, not knowing you or anything. Apologies for intrusion.

  3. You know what. I actually really like the graph.

    I’m not being sarcastic.

    I’m not!

    Good luck mate, that’s one heck of a weight loss goal!

  4. Hi Rhodri! Met you through both the Radar hat-tip & offensive_mango’s account at Friday London Cities. Seems a place with potential…

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