Feeling a lot worse. This is definitely ‘induction flu’ (as Atkins called it), where the body switches en masse to stored energy. And much worse than when on Atkins.

Like a head cold, lightheaded, groggy, sick, not hungry, mouth tastes very gunky (not ketoney), headaches, aching, and cramps and stuff “like hunger” on stomach. However, I came down with it so fast, hopefully it should go fast too.

Went for lunchtime walk of maybe two miles max during a feeling allright period.

I have noticed, not the ‘freedom from tyranny of food’ yet, but the reverse – before, I could eat whatever I wanted, like an adult. Now I’m restricted like a child in a high chair. Realise I really looked forward to my evening meal. Not any longer; there is “no point in leaving work”. Coming home is still good though; I have done it an hour earlier as I feel so batshit. Was ludicrously planning on going out tonight, not happening.

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