Ho, ho. between this morning and this evening, the train station switched on the ticket readers, so you can’t walk through anymore. that’s going to catch a few out.

Went to LighterLife introduction evening #2 last night. Wood Green, in an industrial estate a good few roads off the main street into the decrepit urban jungle. it was rather scary in the winter gloom walking amongst the derelict shops and petrol stations with groups hanging about. Afterwords, the main street itself was intimidating – not just the chavs I tend to go on about, but roving gangs of young men with their faces covered. still, I walked the length of Wood Green twice at night, and lived to tell the tale, huzzah.

The meeting itself is in a proper meeting room, with bright sofas, wooden decorations, etc. The councillor, an ex head teacher, was so inspired by losing 7 stone in three months, she has made a career change to do this. Talking about counselling concepts, she clearly knows her stuff as it matched the areas that I already know. Much more clued-up & humanistic than the abrasive old biddie in her piss-stained flat of junk.

So i’m doing it. it’s going to be hard but I have the inner peace which is a good sign. There were some women there whose attitude was “I’m desperate”, i don’t feel like that at all, more like i am resolved, that this is the conclusion of a process. I’ve been bothered with my weight a variable amount over the years, possible as a function of how at ease I am with myself.

So there we go, will see how it goes. start jan 6th when the groups come back after xmas.

I am 189cm tall and 137.7kg without shoes. In Imperial, that’s 6′ 2 1/2″, and 21 stone, 9 1/2 pounds. Body Mass Index: a knee-grinding 38.5.

  1. Good Luck, I am sure you will do fine. Wheres Wood Green?

  2. “where’s Wood Green”

    London. North, more like North East IIRC.

    Be glad you don’t know where it is. As Vodex proudly cliams, he has wlked the length of the high street twice and survived. That is note-worthy!

  3. Re: “where’s Wood Green”

    Exactly. People I know have had trouble just going through there on the bus…

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