Clare, my wife (now ex-wife, I’m sorry to say) had one of several cellulitis attacks in late July 2005. She’s also had it in the same place – lower left leg – in 2002, leaving permanent scarring and mobility problems.

Cellulitis is an inflammation of the tissue caused by, in her case, infection of the lymph system. As well as blistering of the tissue similar to third degree burns from the inside out, it also left her delirious, unable to eat, and with a high fever, as well as a week in hospital. When discharged, she needed daily home visits by district nurses to treat her "wound", and unable to stand or walk for longer than a few seconds before pain, nausea, and disorientation took over. She was essentially an invalid and I had to care for her for several weeks.

So here are the pictures! Note: these aren’t pictures of Clare herself; just her leg, at her request. You can also read various blog posts on her progress here.

Caution: Graphic medical pictures
Some readers have been upset by these pictures, so they’re now hidden behind this button.

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