Evening is full of fog. look to your sides, you can’t see much, right? Now look up. the sky isn’t blue, black, or white, but indeterminate murky mud-brown mist. Marvel with wonder at how this scares the shit out of your neocortex, to the point where it’s hard to look straight up. (Wonder if it thinks you’re underwater?)

I had my phone/pda earphones on. for first time ever someone calls me with my headphones in. Confusion reigns for a second until I realise you can take the call through the headphones and just talk at the device. Without handsets, speakers, etc. it feels like the echoey phone voice is going directly into my brain, like sci-fi or telepathy. spooky.

  1. Must try that looking up into fog.. cant say Ive ever experienced that.. although its nice being able to drive and not get blinded by winter sun in the morning to work..

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