This is a PHP script to automatically build, cache, and display a set of images. You can see it in action on this site (an example is the Cellulitis pictures).


  • Accepts an explicit list of images (either local or via URL) or a folder
  • Builds a thumbnail set and caches in a seperate folder; also caches file list to prevent repeated directory reads
  • Numerous formatting optins, e.g. showing filenames, shrink to fit, number of columns
  • Outputs XHTML with CSS hooks; comes with default stylesheet

Version history

  • Version 0.3 16 Februray 2010 maintanence patch to support Wordpress structure
  • Version 0.2 16 September 2005 minor bugfixes, added a pointer to this page
  • Version 0.1 13 August 2005 initial release


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