Update 2010: My website now has a lot of.. venerable content on it. I’m leaving this in for posterity, but you are much better off using the core Livejournal import now in Wordpress.

Livejournal post

This is a plugin for the publishing application WordPress. It adds one-click functionality to import posts from a LiveJournal account.

Other Wordpress Livejournal plugins either:

  • do the reverse and exports to Livejournal, assuming you’re a WordPress user (the most popular one seems to be Live Press), or
  • be rather fiddly, needing 3rd-party exporting tools and then a manual import via Wordpress admin scripts

Also, this plugin optionally imports the (new) LiveJournal Tags into WordPress’s Categories, which no other tool does at time of writing.

Install the plugin as normal; it adds a configuration menu in Options ("LJ Feed Import"), and a Manage menu ("Import LJ Now") – clicking on that menu imports the posts without confirmation (one-click, by design!).

Download version 0.2, 23 July 2005

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