Off to my dad’s for the weekend before he & sue go to Australia/New Zealand for a month to see two of my sisters.

Am coming to dread the friday evening commute to Paddington, very crowded (one of the times I realise the Stevenage commute is a relatively good deal)and then waiting for an hour before they can be arsed to put some proper trains on. (read in cynical voice.)

This morning, pidgeons were keeping off the snow by walking along the rail tracks.

The snow was at its best phase-you can walk on streets without sliding but the snow is still over grass, etc. It is lovely and mottled.

One of those crappy free papers reminded me of how much in awe of London I was as a child. I’ve gotten so cynical of media.

My phone seems to automatically pick up dictionary words from texts, web posts, etc. So now it frequently suggests spellings which are themselves misslept. Awesome!

My sense of smell seems to be at a +3 modifier due to diet: can smell ‘dry’ food like sushi 20m away through a crowd on t’other side of a glass partition.

On the tube up, some suit guy had an artistically faded note in marker pen on his hand. It read “VOTE RENAL”. We’ll never know.

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