They closed Finsbury Park. I’m not an expert but I’ve seen it open at 4am sometimes, what gives?
So, forced to stand in a side street instead. Could barely see it what with all the street glare so only managed about five minutes.

On the way back into the flat, got harassed by a ‘beggar’ yet again (quotes because they clearly aren’t beggars, just wandering scammers), but this time after I’d opened the front door, walked through, as was about to close it. After about five seconds of “I have no money on me” (true; I’d left my wallet indoors in case I got mugged in the park), I realised he was in a very good position to charge in, take my keys from my hand, and burgle the flat (presumably knocking me out cold first). So shut the door in his face whilst he was still raving about needing 20p for something or other. It was scary. Half expected him to be pounding on the door this morning…

  1. It’s horrible when that shit happens. The thing to do is to counterattack – make like you’re ready and willing to loose off a decent amount of violence yourself, even if you’re not. It’s not so much that people like this are cowards, it’s more that they’re lazy and can’t be bothered to start anything with someone who might resist when they can pick on more vulnerable people.

    You have my commiserations…

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