Have just been to the Sustainable London exhibition from New London Architecture. It was fascinating stuff, recommend it, but it closes on the 28th. One of those situations where “those in charge” are getting smart people to tackle an issue over and above the call of duty, without fanfare, and knowing full well the general public’ll hear little about it (beyond occasional tabloid whinging).

Random facts:

  • The ecological footprint of London alone is twice the size of the UK.
  • Temperatures in city centre are up to 4 degrees higher than in the suburbs.
  • All new developments must generate 10% of energy needs on site – 20% soon.
  • The congestion charge has dropped particulate pollution by 15%.
  • ‘The Mayor’ and his office are effectively going to force large businesses to be climate-responsible by hook or by crook, and has the political capital to do it. That’s going to be fun.

They also have a funky 3D map of inner London, which brings home how close everything is & how little I have taken part in London “as a place to live”. It can take an hour to travel stuff that clearly would be walkable in a few minutes if everything wasn’t in the way.

And lastly (& the reason I started this post!) the Building Centre where this is at has showrooms by Generic Building Companies – types of roof felt, Norwegian sliding doors, the sort of stuff that bored you silly as a child when you parents dragged you round them.

Still boring, but look! These guys are so proud of their toilet seats, they advertise them as if Leonardo da Vinci designed them himself!

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