The bestest board game evar is getting closer to its long-awaited 4th edition.

I speak, of course, of Talisman.
A wonderful magical quest style game, easy to learn but with infinite combinations of depth/replayability. And so easily modded. Great as a drinky-socially game. The 2nd edition was best, as the 3rd dropped the evocative medieval artwork for spoddy Warhammer skulls & emo. And then Games Workshop decided they were bored with it, and despite a huge fan following, left it to rot. No more!

Black Industries was showing off the 4th edition of Talisman, which BI rep Vince Rospond says is based on the 2nd edition of the game, to “get back to the roots of Talisman.”

Yeah yeah yeah! OCtober, $50, USA only (damn import taxes!) Here’s the board (click for big). It looks awesome!

  1. The bestestmost dull and boring board game evar

    Corrected for accuracy there. Admittedly, Ionly really played 3rd, and that was only at work, but no, thanks.

    I’ll reserve ‘best ever’ for something actually good, like Domaine or Settlers. Or Game of Thrones. Now that’s a board game.

  2. I have the first one of these and the expansion pack. I haven’t played it in years although I did love it. :)

  3. Talisman IS the best game of all time. I have the hallowed second edition but its getting dead tatty – if this is essentially a reprint then its going to be fantastic.

    The third edition was horrific.

  4. Game of Thrones, as in based on the George R R Martin book?

  5. The third edition was a real nerfing of the game – all the fan sites, expansions etc. write to 2nd edition.

    Compare http://www.darkmuse.co.uk/tempo/talisman2ndall.jpg to http://files.boardgamegeek.com/bggimages/pic18688_sized.jpg – 2nd had way more class.

    I hear about Settlers but have never played it – is it as good as they say?

  6. Yup. I played the game first (a friend had it), it’s so good that it got most of my friends to buy the books. Possibly the best strategy game I’ve ever played. And I play a lot of strategy games.

  7. I’d heard it was awful, it was released during their ‘we must make everything simple’ phase of ‘oops, nearly went bust again’ stupidity.

    Settlers is very good, but now dated; so many very good games have followed it that it’s a bit like Monty Python, the original of its style, but so many imitators means some of them are actually much better. But it’s still damn good, and the imitators are all doing different aspects of it.

  8. High praise indeed. Generally I’m absymal at strategy games although I could make an exception for this one.

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