It appears that marketing types have set up a blog supposedly by Cillit Bang adman, Barry Scott. (it appears “Barry Scott” is meant to be a little-known celebrity who, in an in ironic post-modern twist etc. is himself a media creation, and is played by an actor).

In taking advantage of the latest viral web-marketing fashion, they’re spamming as him all over other weblogs, therefore trying to get search engine kudos (slang: ‘Googlejuice’) and therefore spread the brand.

Unfortunately, one of these involved false sympathy on a post about a well-known blogger’s first contact with his father in 28 years. Which ended up backfiring badly. More here.

This is a shame, as Cillit Bang had a lot of low-budget cool going for it before – a bit like an advert version of Plan 9 from Outer Space. The thought that marketing types have [expletive deleted] all over it immediately saps a lot of the amiable goodwill right out.

  1. I’ve never used Cillit Bang. I found a product in Poundland called Sonic Boom which seems to clean just as well as Cillit Bang claims to. Why do they feel the need to be such dorks over something that is just yet another cleaning product?

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