Thank you for submitting your CV for the position of ‘Data Warehouse
Developer’ at ******.

Having received a number of high quality CV’s compition as been tough.
On this occasion your application has unfortunatly been unsuccessful.

We would like to wish well in your career search

Between stuff like this and agencies ringing me up to ‘get an update’ after repeated prodding and asking me the same basic questions that shows they haven’t read my CV over and over, I’m starting to wonder what employment agencies do all day.

Beyond sending me cheques for £40 as compensation for sending me to other people’s interviews as Open Spaces Recruitment did, of course.

  1. Oh my god. Were the mistakes actually in a real letter from this agency? If so, I’d feel the need to write a sarcastic reply offering to fill the post of proof reader which they’re sadly lacking.

  2. It certainly was real, but I’ve had my fill of sarcastic replies over the past few days, and am getting tired of the job process. Shouldn’t do, but am.

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