I’ve finally started out on Ruby on Rails. So far, it seems more a wrapper for handling database access/ UI than the Holy Grail I hear about it, but I’ve only scratched the surface yet. It’s probably not suitable for the Interesting Project I have up my sleeve; may be more suitable using the PHP AJAX libraries. Also, how does this square with my medium term goal to move into a more architectural rather than ‘pure coder’ (think I’m half-way there already)? I guess I’ll feel safer when I have boned up on object-oreintation in Ruby and unlock the amazing power-with-simplicity I kep hearing about. Something that’s as RADable as PHP but as structured as Java would be great.

Speaking of AJAX, I haven’t invested any time in the Daily Mail Maker for a while. To be honest, image manipulation isn’t overly hassle-free in PHP or in Javascript, and the lack of people using it hasn’t exactly spurred me on beyond a proof-of-concept.

I’ve also put Google analytics on the site; it all sems very spiffy (and marketing-oriented) but with only one day’s logs it hard to really grapple with it yet.

CSI: London has had some good feedback (not just in the blog post), so when I am feeling more creative writing-y I shall expand upon the characters.

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