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Last updated 15 December 2004

The Tricorn Centre. Really closed.

The Tricorn Centre was an infamous ‘concrete modern’ shopping complex/car park, built in Portsmouth in the 1960’s.

At first it was critically acclaimed; but after a few years of actual use it came to be widely considered an eyesore of bad design that blighted the city.

But it was also the flourishing site of trader stalls and small shops run by local businessmen. By the early 1990s it had achieved the dubious honour of being a combined joke/white elephant/crime magnet & was earmarked for demolition; over several years, the traders/shops were forced out (many of whom then went bust) and the place shut down.

But then, rather than actually do something with the property or area, Portsmouth Council left the Tricorn derelict and decaying. In 2003 it was finally boarded up, and in January 2004 the boards had grown ‘comment spaces’ (by Jeannie Kerswell) and an advert for a proposed redevelopment. Demolition finally began in March 2004, and the Tricorn is now completely demolished, although any new buildings will not be built until 2010 at least (if the infamous Spinnaker Tower is anything to go by).

I decided to photograph and hopefully capture for posterity the comment boards & also take some of the last pictures of the Tricorn, as like many Portsmouth residents I have memories of navigating the bizarre internals (one at 4am helping out in filmmaking by playing a Combat 18 thug, a memorable experience for sure). I am an amateur photographer, so apologies for the quality of the photos!


Pictures of the Tricorn pre-demolition

Mostly taken 19 Feb 2004

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(photos by Flickr)

Looking towards the west.

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