The Prologue: Twitter is some sort of hot new blogging variant that – I was about to say “is the new MySpace” but it’s not like that at all. More like micro-blogging. It had better fucking not get like MySpace if it knows what’s good for it.

Anyway, Tom Morris has done the decent thing and piped Underground updates from the depths of the TFL site into a Twitter account. Never get caught out again!

http://www.londonist.com/archives/2007/03/tube_20_or_tube.php is a Londonist article on it.

It also has RSS like a good little web site (e.g. Piccadilly: http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/788488.rss ) so you don’t need a Twitter account to use them.

Personally, I’ve slapped them all into Google Reader, and when On The Move will point my phone at http://www.google.com/reader/view/user/01311175945761996337/label/tube

Huzzah for spoddery!

Ah yes, and my account is at http://twitter.com/Vodex …

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