Today I have given two more presentations about Goal-Post to the University of Portsmouth’s Head and Course Leader’s forum, titled Taking Learning, Teaching and Assessment Forward. Unexpectedly, amongst the delegates were my lecturers from my first degree back in 1992, who sort-of recognised me, which is a good thing (I hope)! That, combined with all the presentations about the nature of first-year induction etc. brought back a heady mix of memories, not the best thing when you’re about to present to 100 people.

On a not-very-related note, yesterday to relax I once again went to the shore by Whale Island, which always has a calm, tranquil effect on me despite being next to a roaring motorway, opposite a Naval base, and near a ferry port. Perhaps it’s to do with Portsmouth being so crowded, and its strangely serene quiet.

Anyway, I took some photos which are up at Flickr.

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